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        紀念深圳特區成立30周年 - 銅獎作品:

        構思: 蜘蛛在我們生活中并不陌生,他精神頑強,永不屈服,勇往直前的拼搏精神;每當遇到暴風雨襲擊后,破網又將恢復,反而更加牢固,蜘蛛這種骨子里的精神(堅強、堅韌、堅持)將一直啟發著人們!深圳特區成立30周年了,在這30年后的今天,深圳的迅速發展,成為國際較有影響力的城市,是我們大家值得慶祝的喜事!


        發布日期: 2014-11-19 17:20:26




        蛛蛛代表著為“深圳特區成立30年和未來30年”積極做出貢獻的“智慧群體”;他們的堅持、積極向上、勇往直前的拼搏精神締造了深圳的今天;蛛蛛網代表科技網絡化的時代,象征城市朝氣蓬勃的現代感;蜘蛛網隱約呈現出數字“30”和英文“shen zhen”及時間“1980-2010”,體現深圳特區發展30年主題;網狀成圓形,由內向外發散,既代表階段成就,又蘊含其逐步走向國際化。而數字“30”和英文“shen zhen”及時間“1980-2040”,反向視覺表現,代表著深圳特區后30年發展變化;網狀成傾斜向上的三角形,象征著深圳后30年發展的美好明天。


        TitleThirtieth anniversary of shenzhen special economic zone

        Design idea:

        The spider in our life is not strangeit has a spirit of stubborn, never giving in, and going forward; whenever the storm hit its netit alwaysresumesmaking the net solider. Strong, tough, insist on,the spirits spider has always inspire people! Shenzhen special zone has been built forthirtieth years, and now it develops rapidlyand becomes a more influential international city, which worth us all to celebrate!

         Design descriptions

        Spiders represent the "wisdom group" who contribute for shenzhen special zone in the 30 years and the next 30 years; Their persistence, positive and courage spirit of hard struggle, create the modern shenzhen; the spider net which is the symbol of vigor and vitality of contemporary feeling of the city representthe network technology time. Spider webs faint present a digital "30" and English "shenzhen" and the time "1980-2010", reflecting the   development theme of shenzhen special zone; the net is a circle, spreading from inside to outside, not only represents the stage achievement, but also contains the internationalization gradually. While digital "30" and English "shenzhen" and the time "1980-2040", reverse the visual representation, represent the later development of shenzhen special zone in 30 years; the tilt up triangle represents that shenzhen will be more beautiful in 30 years.

         03th anniversary of establishment of Shenzhen special zone 1980-2010

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